Website launched!


I would like to introduce myself: I am D. Fox Harrell. I work as an Associate Professor of Digital Media at MIT.

This post announces the launch of this website and blog here at To celebrate this first post, I am making the preface of my book Phantasmal Media (MIT Press, 2013), available for your viewing today. It provides a good introduction of my personal trajectory and how and  my research idea developed. I hope that you enjoy it.

Phantasmal Media

I aim to use this site as an avenue to express and discuss more about my research, thoughts, and ideas in a less formal setting. I plan to update this blog with more information, so do check back frequently for updates. By navigating around this page, you will see that much of my research involves developing new forms of computational narrative, gaming, social media, and related digital media based in computer science, cognitive science, and digital media arts. I look forward to engaging  you in further discussions about my research in the near future!


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